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Selling Photos Online?

Does this sound like something you’d like to do? Making money from selling photos online is possible, if you work hard at it. However, before you ditch the day job to become a freelance digital photographer, here’s what you should know about selling digital photos online?

Can you sell photos online?

Yes, you can. And anyone can do it, no matter your age, physical condition, background or qualifications. What counts is how innovative you are and how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in selling your photos online.

Even amateur photographers can make money online!

Remember, just about every professional photographer was first an amateur photographer. Some successful freelance photographers even had little or no formal training in photography. Take Jim Zuckerman ? originally a doctor, he tossed medicine in favour of a career as a nature and wildlife photographer and travel photographer.

Then there’s Ansel Adams ? a pioneering American photographer, whose black and white photographs of the American West have become iconic. He started out life as a pianist.

There are others ? Galen Rowell, who gave up his automotive business to pursue wilderness photography fulltime ? and actor-turned-photographer Bob Krist, now a freelance travel photographer who is also a contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler.? ?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Photos Online

To increase your chances of success as a freelance digital photographer, keep the following important points in mind:

Do ensure your photos are free from Digital Noise

For photographs to be saleable, you need to ensure that they’re free from digital noise. Most internet-based photography agents rank photographs based on overall quality and their potential to do well in a competitive market. Your photos need to be:

Sell Digital Photos Online Sell Digital Photos Online

Don’t try and sell touristy snapshots

Exceptional, well-composed photographs sell; not those which look like they’ve been taken by a snappy-happy tourist.

Don’t submit copyrighted material

That is, no company logos, trademarks, third-party images or brands in your photos.

Do make models sign model releases

Using a model? Make sure that s/he signs a model release form. With the exception of editorial images, you need to make sure that any images containing recognisable people have gone through the model release procedure. So, any recognisable person in your photograph has to sign a model release saying, amongst other things, that they’re happy to be portrayed in the photo. Remember that any minors in your photos must have their parents sign a model release. All agencies have their own standard model release forms that you’ll need to complete and return along with your photos.

That’s not all there is to know about selling digital photos online?

In their digital photography eBook, Michael Kryzer and David Goldsmith offer wannabe freelance photographers advice on the following areas:

Time to start making money from selling digital photographs online! Download the eBook now!