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Essentialy we offer a book on photography for almost every genre of photography and most certainly there will be something for you in the listing below. You will find that some of the books that we sell are really some of the best books about photography.

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Title: Make Money With Your Digital Camera.
By: Terry Gibbs
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Price: $ 19.97

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  • Make Money With Your Digital Camera.
  • Your Digital Camera is a CASH machine.
  • Make And Sell Screensavers.
  • Screensaver Is Like Finding Money On The Sidewalk.
  • No Need To Be An Expert Photographer.
  • Twelve Ways To Profit With Your Digital Camera.
  • 12 easy ways to profit with your digital camera
  • create products and sell them over and over again.
  • how to get paid for taking pictures.
  • how to get businesses to pay you every month.

Title: Start Your Own Profitable Photography Business.
By: Peter Oliver
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Price: $ 37.00

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  • Everything you need to know to set up your busines
  • How to find customers quickly.
  • Three things that make customers come back.
  • The secret behind my system – why it works.
  • Easy to follow, step by step instructions.
  • Helps you build a plan for your business.
  • You will find out how to pick your specialist nich
  • Simple steps to do marketing that works.
  • Shows you how to attract customers and keep them.
  • Tells you how to set up support systems that work.

Title: Building A Successful Photography Business.
By: Lori Osterberg
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Price: $ 39.87

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  • Make your dream of a photography studio a reality.
  • make a change to your life that will benefit you.
  • stop working at a job you hate.
  • Are you ready to stop wishing, and start doing?
  • Choosing the right type of photography for you.
  • Business management skills
  • How do you know where to advertise?
  • Expert advice on building a website.
  • Start Making Money Immediately.
  • Discover who will buy from you....................

Title: How To Start A Photography Business
By: Gil Cox
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Price: $ 47.00

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  • 60-Day Money-Back Golden Guarantee.
  • MUST concentrate on when setting up your business.
  • quickest way to build up a portrait business.
  • 26 hot photography niches you can specialise in.
  • What a Wedding photographer must NEVER do.
  • things a new photography business MUST avoid.
  • easiest way to get your first portfolio together.
  • make maximum money from wedding photography.
  • How to protect your digital photos.
  • How to photograph clients who are tense.

Title: Sell Your Digital Photos - Freelance Photography
By: Michael Kryzer
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Price: $ 27.00

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  • A 216-Page Guide to Freelance Photography.
  • How to get paid as a photographer on assignment.
  • What types of images are in the highest demand!
  • How to earn a residual income each month.
  • How to sell photos on your own website.
  • Learn what types of photo licenses you can sell.
  • 85 North American magazines that buy photos.
  • know exactly which photos outperform others.
  • Discover what freelance photographers really do.
  • photographs that will sell over and over again!