Best Books for Photography

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Whether you’re a digital photography hobbyist, or hoping to become a professional photographer, you will benefit from the advice, hints and tips in our digital photography eBooksThese are some of the very best ebooks about photography, best selling photography books, available on the global market...Take alook:

1. Your Digital Camera

Here’s where you start ? Daniel Fieldman’s Learn Digital Photography. This best book on photography is available to be downloaded as a digital photography eBook provides a wealth of information, including:

  • How to select the best digital camera for you, without overspending on your budget
  • How to choose the correct settings for different situations
  • How to get super-clear, well-lit and well-framed photographs
  • How to become a confident photographer
  • How to capture life’s precious moments in beautiful digital photos

2. Learn Digital Photography Secrets

Next, learn the digital photography secrets the professional photographers don’t want you to know. Download Digital Photography Secrets by David Peterson. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a film and digital camera
  • The difference between optical and digital zoom, and when to use which
  • How to use the Rule of Thirds and why your subject should be off-centre to compose a perfect picture
  • Why you must get in the habit of carrying a camera tripod at all times, and how to use it.
  • How to use your flash correctly
  • How to use different lenses and filters
  • How to clean your camera
  • How to use angles to best effect, and much more!

3. Starting a Photography Business

Whether you want to improve your photography skills as an amateur photographer, or become a professional photographer, you need to download Roy Barker’s digital photography eBook, Starting a Photography Business. He’ll give you the heads-up on:

  • How to sell your services and market your photography business
  • How to win new clients and keep existing clients
  • Choosing a focus area, whether it’s wedding photography, portrait photography or landscape photography ? based on your unique interests and skills.

4. How to Become a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography can be a lucrative and rewarding career. But before you launch your career as a wedding photographer, download Digital Wedding Secrets by Nick Smith. Here’s how this digital photography eBook will help you:

  • Your photography skills will improve
  • You’ll be professionally equipped to shoot weddings with confidence, no matter the conditions
  • You will learn how to handle your clients better
  • You’ll learn how to earn more money from wedding photography.

5. Portrait Photography

Considering a career as a portrait photographer? Then you need to download digital portrait photography eBook by Tom Ray to find out more about:

  • How to style your photographs ? subject’s hair, make-up and pose
  • How to create strong eye contact
  • How to create mood and ambience by having your subject look away from the camera
  • How to shoot both formal and contemporary portrait photographs.

6. Landscape Photography

Whether you want to take outstanding landscape photographs when travelling on vacation, or are a professional landscape photographer, you need to know more about the tricks of the trade. Download Powerful Landscape Photography by Amy Renfrey now and discover photography tips like:

  • Always carry sufficient photographic equipment
  • Ensure spare batteries and speedlites are always fully charged
  • Pack a wide-angled lens and an ultra-wide-angles lens
  • Never leave home without a polariser filter, blue gradient lens and a light sunset fradient filter
  • Always carry a tripod
  • Always plan your photographic schedule ? what you will shoot on what day ? and set an alarm clock so that you can shoot sunrise and sunset scenes.

7. Selling Digital Photographs Online

One of the ways to make money from digital photography is by selling your digital photographs online. An advantage of selling digital photos online is that you can make sales all over the world, not just in the city or town where you live. Download Michael Kryzer and David Goldsmith’s digital photography eBook, Sell Your Digital Photos and learn:

  • What stock photographs are
  • Who buys stock photos
  • How to take good stock photographs
  • How to make money from selling stock photos.

8. Trick Photography and Special Effects-Top Seller Photography E-book.

This amazing guide will show you exactly how to break through the ranks of "ordinary" photographers and become the person who takes shots that amaze everybody...and if you're thinking it's all about buying a ton of different lenses and then memorizing a million different camera settings and a bunch of other dry stuff like that...

Wouldn't You Rather Skip All That & Get Results Immediately, With The Equipment You Already Have? Chances are, the camera and everything you already have is enough for some excellent shots. BUT...I'll talk you through exactly what you should get if you want to upgrade, and why. AND THEN...I'll show you how to put together some of your own stuff that will let you create some of the most amazing pictures you've ever seen. That's what I designed this guide for - to let regular people take amazing photographs by handing them the photography tricks and backdoor secrets to get it done without all that fancy equipment and a Visual Arts degree.

For example, you'll see how you can use a simple piece of household cleaning equipment and a basic entry-level DSLR to create this awesome image:

Steel wool painting

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