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We’ve Got Digital Photography Secrets to Share!

So you want to take awesome digital photographs? Perhaps you’re aiming to make money from photography, for example as a wedding photographer or portrait photographer? If so, then you need to learn the digital photography secrets that professional photographers use to shoot winning photos.

Digital Photography secrets

How to take the perfect photo

So the photos you shot on your film camera were mediocre. Did you think that buying a digital camera would instantly improve the quality of your photos? Admit it?you’re disappointed that your digital photographs don’t look quite like those taken by a professional photographer ? even after they’ve been improved in Photoshop

You’ve just learned a digital photography secret. Having the latest, best and most expensive digital camera and accessories on the market doesn’t guarantee superb photographs. How you compose your shot, the lighting, the perspective, the depth of field, all of these factors are what make a great digital photo. Read on to learn three digital photography secrets the pros would rather you didn’t know?

Moving in Closer

Here’s an easy digital photography tip to start with ? to get a great shot, simply move in closer to your subject. Or, instead of moving physically closer, why not use the Optical or Digital Zoom to get a fantastic close-up shot? Filling the frame entirely with your subject will make a tremendous difference to your photos. In portrait photography, amateur photographers often make the mistake of shooting a full-length portrait, or a head-and-shoulders shot ? for added effect, try filling the frame with your subject’s face, instead. This approach works, not only because human faces are genuinely interesting to look at, but because it makes the image less cluttered, with less to distract viewers from the photo’s main subject. And, if you really couldn’t get in closer when you were taking the photo, you can always pop the photo into Photoshop, zoom in and crop.

Use the Optical Zoom, rather than the digital zoom

If you’ve used a film camera, then you’re familiar with the optical zoom. Optical zoom uses the lens of the camera ? or the optics ? to bring the subject closer. Digital zoom, on the other hand, uses software to digitally enlarge a portion of the image, thus simulating optical zoom. Here’s why optical zoom is better ? in the strictest sense of the phrase, digital zoom is not really a zoom at all; it only enlarges a portion of the image. In doing so, you lose quality. So, if you want to take quality photographs, use the optical zoom!

Don’t rely on flash in your digital photographs

While digital flash photography definitely has its place, there are times when using a flash destroys the mood of your photograph, leaving subjects looking harsh. To create warm photographs, that invite viewers in, make use of natural light wherever you can. In low light situations, it’s often better to open the shutter for longer periods ? to let in more light ? that to illuminate the subject with a flash. Here’s an easy trick to try ? when shooting portraits indoors, place your subject near a window. Have them face the light, and position your camera between them and the window. This will allow natural sunlight to cast a warm and inviting light on your image.

Do you want to learn more digital photography secrets?

Of course you do! Download David Peterson’s digital photography eBook, Digital Photography Secrets, today and learn how his 21 simple digital photography tips will help you capture the best digital photographs of your life!

Move in closer for a better imageMove closer for a better photograph
   There is a lot of unnecessary background in this image
Moving closer shows just the subjects and makes a better image